Next Tuesday, we will appear live on the Dave Ramsey Show to scream to the world that we are debt free. If you don’t listen to his show, this is something called, “the debt free scream.” We are… Read More

Stress Bomb

With 30 days to go until we move into our RV, I’m a total stressed-out maniac. I don’t want to be, but I look at my calendar and know there is no earthly way to get it all… Read More

RV Remodeling Rollercoaster

I have spent the past week at the ranch with my mom and step-dad working on the RV. It has been one heck of a learning experience and a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I’ve wanted to post updates… Read More

Inside Pics- Before the Remodel

Our friends and family have been anxiously awaiting photos of he inside of our first RV. We were so excited and flustered during the sale that we forgot to snap any pictures. Kristy has spent the past week… Read More

Capsule Wardrobe

As you can imagine, the closets in our new home are tiny. I haven’t taken measurements yet, but I knew we would need to weed through our clothes big-time. This is something I enjoy doing a few times… Read More

Craigslist Like Crazy

So now that we’ve purchased our home, we have 6 weeks to get 90% of our belongings sold and move out of our apartment! We are in major Craigslist mode right now. We are selling so much stuff… Read More

We Bought a House!

Welcome to our new home! Yep, it’s got wheels… and with any luck it will be rolling through Colorado in a couple of months. How did we get here? Well, let me tell you. Our journey started almost… Read More

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