Worst Birthday Ever

I typically try to look on the bright side, but there is no real way to sugar coat it:  This has been the worst birthday I’ve ever had. Im sick, tired and in the middle of packing up/throwing… Read More

Packing… Blah!

We are planning to pick up our RV tomorrow from the ranch, where we’ve been working on it for the past six weeks. Caleb’s parents are driving down from Azle to help us learn the ropes. Dad Simpson… Read More

Light at the End of the Tunnel

This is our final week working on the RV. We are scheduled to move into it next Friday, God willing. Things are finally starting to look up as our major repairs are drawing to a close. Hallelujah!  Here… Read More

I Love the Smell of Sawdust

I’ve been dying to update everyone on all the progress we’ve made renovating the RV, but I’ve been working so hard I haven’t had any time to write. The work has been hard and long, but I have… Read More

We Bought a Truck!

   We have been cruising Craigslist for about a month, getting to know what kinds of trucks are out there and how much they are going for. We knew we needed at least a 3/4 ton to successfully… Read More


Many friends have asked about when we are moving into our RV and when we are hitting the road. Here is he condensed version of our plan… And a picture of Caleb making his “how-in-the-world are we going… Read More

How to Survive IKEA

I love IKEA! But have you ever noticed that everyone enters IKEA smiling and giddy only to be released hours later looking war-torn and weary? How sad. Well, I treated myself to a spur-of-the-moment IKEA trip yesterday and… Read More

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