One year living in an RV with two toddlers

Our whole family thought we were crazy. Our friends all said it was cool, but inside they probably thought we had lost our mind. What parent in their right mind would live in 250 square-feet of space with… Read More

Guadalupe Mountains Trip ON FIRE

Ok, there weren’t any literal fires on this trip, but the first 30+ hours weren’t the most delightful. To start, we haven’t been on any trips of significant length since Colorado of last summer, aside from a short… Read More

We’re back in TEXAS!

   We could not be happier to be in our home state. This past week has been fraught with difficulty and travel fatigue. We are staying with Caleb’s parents in Azle for a few days to regroup and… Read More

Travel Woes (Part One): Misery in Missouri

Getting to Arkansas for our last big stop on our way back to Texas proved to be challenging to say the least. Most of our travels have been pretty smooth, so it was a big bummer (and a… Read More

Travel Woes (Part Two): Outhouse in the Ozarks

After we made it through Misery in Missouri, the trip seemed to go a little better. We had been driving for about six hours when we reached the Arkansas border. Our destination, the town of Jasper, was only… Read More

Leadville Love and pacing for Leadville 100

I’m a mountain man at heart, so it might come as no surprise that I loved our stay in Leadville. The whole reason we came here though wasn’t just for the mountains and crisp cool (and dry) air…. Read More

Goodbye Colorado

This morning we left Golden for Grand Junction, our half-way point on the way to Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s our last day in Colorado, and we are going out with a bang. The drive out west on… Read More

Our Couch is Now Open!

My love of Couchsurfing started about seven years ago when I lived with my sister, Kaye, and her husband, Chris: before Caleb and I married. Chris and Kaye introduced me to this wonderful practice of hosting strangers and… Read More

Leadville Poisoning

  I have bipolar feelings concerning Leadville, Colorado. It’s remote beauty is mesmerizing, but it’s harsh weather and altitude are like my kryponite – it’s sucking the life right out of me. I’m pretty sure I’m suffering from… Read More

What to Expect When Hauling an RV for the First Time

I have to admit, my biggest reservation in pursuing RV life full time was not the tiny space, it wasn’t selling almost all of my stuff, it was having to haul my 8’x30′ home behind a heavy duty… Read More