One year living in an RV with two toddlers

Our whole family thought we were crazy. Our friends all said it was cool, but inside they probably thought we had lost our mind. What parent in their right mind would live in 250 square-feet of space with… Read More

Guadalupe Mountains Trip ON FIRE

Ok, there weren’t any literal fires on this trip, but the first 30+ hours weren’t the most delightful. To start, we haven’t been on any trips of significant length since Colorado of last summer, aside from a short… Read More

Passing down a love for the outdoors

I love the freedom that living in an RV brings. It has allowed us to instill in our children a love for the outdoors. My son, who is only 16 months old is always chanting, “outsiiide, outsiiide,” any… Read More

2015 Wasatch 100 Race Report

I love what Leadville 100 founder Ken Chlouber says: “You are better than you think you are, and you can do more than you think you can.” The race itself was only a small part of the journey… Read More

Trip Report: The Great Salt Lake, Utah

   This was far and away the worst family adventure we have ever had. It wasn’t really the Great Salt Lake’s fault. We just had no idea how vehemently our kids would despise everything about this place.  The… Read More

Leadville Love and pacing for Leadville 100

I’m a mountain man at heart, so it might come as no surprise that I loved our stay in Leadville. The whole reason we came here though wasn’t just for the mountains and crisp cool (and dry) air…. Read More

Trip Report: Colorado National Monument, Grand Junction, CO

    We recently spent the night in Grand Junction, Colorado on our way to Utah. We arrived early enough to get in a little family adventure at the Colorado National Monument. This part of Colorado is so beautiful,… Read More

Trip Report: Pearl Street, Boulder, CO

We had the privledge of spending our day in Boulder, mainly to visit the Justin’s headquarters. If you haven’t heard of Justin’s, they are a delicious brand of nut butters, peanut butter cups and other yummy snacks. Our… Read More

Trip Report: Lily Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

We had our best family hike EVER this morning at Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. I do not know what made our kids love this hike so much. Was it the amazing weather, bright sunshine, or… Read More

Trip Report: Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park

Driving Trail Ridge Road is always a highlight of any trip I’ve made to Rocky Mountain National Park. I love the beautiful views and short, easy trails that lead to scenic overlooks. Caleb and I thought it would… Read More