Craigslist Like Crazy

So now that we’ve purchased our home, we have 6 weeks to get 90% of our belongings sold and move out of our apartment! We are in major Craigslist mode right now. We are selling so much stuff our kids think they might be next.

It’s funny how you start looking at your stuff once you’ve decided to downsize. Everything is negotiable. Things I used to think I needed are now hitting the auction block, and to be honest, it’s pretty easy for me (Kristy). I’ve always been a purger, much to Caleb’s dismay. He likes to hang on to things “just in case” while I like to slash-and-burn.

Probably the hardest things for me to pare down have been the children’s books. Weird, huh? But my Abigail is such a reader (she gets that from me) and we have a lot of memories involving time spent in my lap with a good book. But, I must be sensible and only keep the ones we LOVE.


Caleb’s hardest sale so far was probably Subarizzle. I think it made him feel adventurous… like at any moment we really could strap a kayak to the top and hit some rapids. Ya know… if we wanted to. In a delicious irony, the man we sold Subarizzle to bought her for his 20-something year-old daughter who lives in Boulder and is having all kinds of fun adventures. Climb on Subarizzle, climb on.


So, the plan is to go through an “area” each week and post everything possible to Craigslist. This week is the laundry room/bathroom. I’m hoping to find a pot of gold or something. So far, the coolest thing I’ve found in there is this… MEOW!


Anyway, I know Craigslisting stuff is a giant hassle, but right now we need the cash. We do plan on having an apartment sale the week before we move, but I doubt we will get a huge turn out. Low-income apartment complexes are probably not the go-to-spots for most deal seekers. But you never know! We’ll keep you posted.

We Bought a House!


Welcome to our new home! Yep, it’s got wheels… and with any luck it will be rolling through Colorado in a couple of months. How did we get here? Well, let me tell you.

Our journey started almost two years ago when we met an amazing family while camping out in Arkansas at 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell. At the time they were a family of five (now six) and they were living in a C class motorhome. We were so inspired by their lifestyle that we spent the whole ride home from Arkansas scheming of ways to follow in their footsteps.

However, we were still heavily in debt at the time and pregnant with our second child, so the timing just wasn’t right. We revisited the dream several times since and something always held us back. Then suddenly, in March of 2015, everything began falling into place.

We became debt free! This was a major accomplishment and something that we had been working on for almost four years. With our newfound financial freedom, we began thinking about purchasing our first home. But as we looked at the housing market in Austin, we became discouraged that we would ever be able afford a home. Moreover, the thought of going back into debt again, all for some sticks and bricks made us a little queasy.

In our family mission statement, we wrote that we value people and experiences over possessions. Hmmm… this whole buying-a-house thing made us really bring our family mission statement to bear. What was most important to us? After lots of prayer and discussion, we felt like our most authentic choice was to go wild and free.

So we sold Caleb’s beloved Subarizzle (2009 Subaru Outback) and put our plan into motion. Within a month, we had the cash in hand and an RV in our sights. The next step was finding our perfect rig. We wanted a travel trailer with a split bedroom set-up (bunks in the back and master bedroom in the front). In the spring, RV’s go fast as people are gearing up for summer vacations. We found several good deals on Craigslist only to find that they had sold within hours of posting. There were definitely moments of discouragement, but we knew that this journey was in God’s hands.

Sure enough, Kristy’s step-dad found a great travel trailer in New Braunfels – a 2006 Four Winds Travel Trailer. It was exactly what we needed, just below our budget! We had to wait a few days for the RV to be ready to show and we were growing giddy with anticipation. Thankfully, Kristy’s step-dad went with us and asked all the right questions and tested everything out. We felt like total morons, but I’m sure we will learn it all in no time.

So, we bought our first house! We know it’s not conventional, or what most people would want, but to us it’s a dream come true.

Stay tuned for pictures of the inside as we start redecorating and making this tiny house a home!