The Simpson Family: Caleb & Kristy. Kids: Joshua and Abigail.

The Simpson family is a family of four from Austin, TX. Our family mission statement is as follows:

Our mission is to glorify God and share his love through hospitality and generosity, by valuing people and experiences over possessions; while living a life of freedom which allows us to enjoy the outdoors, respect the environment and lead a healthy active lifestyle.

Having recently become debt free we decided to REALLY live out our family mission by selling our beloved 2009 Subaru Outback and paying CASH for a 2006 Four Winds Travel Trailer, which is our new home!

This new found sense of freedom allows us to experience the outdoors, and value experiences over possessions in a way that living in a traditional home or apartment just doesn’t allow.

Being debt free also frees us to be generous and hospitable to others in ways that were not previously possible. When your home is paid for, and rent is a whopping $390 a month, and property taxes are zero, we now have the freedom to build wealth and be generous like never before.


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