As you can imagine, the closets in our new home are tiny. I haven’t taken measurements yet, but I knew we would need to weed through our clothes big-time. This is something I enjoy doing a few times a year. Yeah, I’m a weirdo who likes throwing stuff out. As I was surfing Pintrest looking for some good RV organization tips, I found this blog about building a Capsule Wardrobe. Immediately I was sold.


I have long fantasized about having a small choice of high-quality clothes which easily coordinate into many outfits. This method speaks my language. The idea is to simplify the choices so you have more time to think about and do other things. Now, I don’t stand in front of my closet for hours deciding what to wear each morning (I have toddlers and am basically invisible to the general public), but I do have more clothes than I wear.
Enter the capsule wardrobe! Here’s how I did mine. First, I wrote down the least amount of clothes I would need for a season. I did two seasons┬álabeled “warm” and “cool” because, let’s face it, I live in Texas. Here’s what my list looks like:

Next, I went through and pulled out things from this list, starting with my favorite, go-to items. The main idea is to only keep what you LOVE and wear a lot. Once I had the things on my list, I threw the rest in a Goodwill pile. Done! Here is an after picture of my closet.:


My wardrobe is not perfect. I would love to replace some of the cheaper things with long-lasting, high-quality pieces, but that will have to come in time. For now, my clothes will fit in my RV closet, and that makes me happy.