Hiking with little ones…why bother?

Earlier this summer, our family went on a two-mile hike that took us more than two hours to complete. Yep, that’s right, we were walking slower than one mile per hour. I’m pretty sure snails were slithering faster… Read More

Cooling Down Kiddos

It’s summertime in Texas! And that means the heat is ramping up. My little hooligans have become sissified, though and are out-right refusing to go outside. What the heck!?!? It’s only 90 degrees… And it’s only getting hotter…. Read More

Cleaner Air in Your RV

   You probably already know that the air inside an RV can be pretty noxious, especially if it’s new. There are several chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process that can be hazardous to your health, most… Read More

How to Pack Up Your RV for Travel

   Just about the only downside to travelling a lot in our RV is the time spent packing up when we leave a place and setting up when we arrive someplace new. Before we embarked on our RV… Read More

What to Expect When Hauling an RV for the First Time

I have to admit, my biggest reservation in pursuing RV life full time was not the tiny space, it wasn’t selling almost all of my stuff, it was having to haul my 8’x30′ home behind a heavy duty… Read More

RVing with Little Ones is Easier Than You Think

   When people find out our family of four (including two toddlers) lives in a 30 foot travel trailer, most say, “I could never do that” or “I would love to do that… When my kids are grown.”… Read More

The Grand Tour of Our Home on Wheels

This moment has been two months in the making. We have toiled and sweat ourselves delirious making our new home both functional and beautiful. You can take a look at the “before” pictures here (you can also view some… Read More


Many friends have asked about when we are moving into our RV and when we are hitting the road. Here is he condensed version of our plan… And a picture of Caleb making his “how-in-the-world are we going… Read More

How to Survive IKEA

I love IKEA! But have you ever noticed that everyone enters IKEA smiling and giddy only to be released hours later looking war-torn and weary? How sad. Well, I treated myself to a spur-of-the-moment IKEA trip yesterday and… Read More

Craigslist Like Crazy

So now that we’ve purchased our home, we have 6 weeks to get 90% of our belongings sold and move out of our apartment! We are in major Craigslist mode right now. We are selling so much stuff… Read More