Quick update as to why we have been a bit silent lately

Hello friends. I just wanted to take a moment to make a quick update. Life has been a bit hectic and crazy for us lately. I have been working long hours six days a week. This is definitely… Read More

12 interesting things you probably didn’t know about RV life

Ok, even though it sounds like this post is for people who have never lived in an RV, I spiced in some humor so even people that live in an RV full time can enjoy this. Living in… Read More

What we have learned after living in an RV full time for three years

If you are stumbling across this blog for the first time, you should know we are a family of five, and live in a 35’ fifth wheel RV. Our children are ages 6 and under, and we started… Read More

What to do when your travel plans fall apart and nothing goes as planned

Have you ever had a vacation where literally NOTHING went right? As in, you never even made it to your destination? That is exactly what happened to us this past week. For months we had been planning on… Read More

Simpson family update and future travel plans

Wow, 2018 is FLYING by at lightning speed. It seriously seems like Christmas of 2017 was just yesterday! Spring has now arrived, and we are no longer running the heater in our RV on a daily basis, although… Read More

Full time RV doesn’t mean 24-7 vacation

When a lot of people hear about somebody traveling and living in their RV full time, they often think, “wow you most have a lot of money!” Especially when they see young people doing it, which is becoming… Read More

Where do your kids sleep in the RV

One of the questions we get asked most by other families is, “where do your kids sleep?” Well, as most kids do, they sleep in their room! Yup, that’s right, they have their own room. A lot of… Read More

Things I will enjoy most about our new RV

We thought it would be several more years before we owned a new RV, but ol’ Thistle just keep falling apart. Upon arriving in Red River, New Mexico, she practically gave up the ghost, so we began looking… Read More

Adjusting to a slower pace

I must admit, upon deciding to spend half our summer in Red River, New Mexico, I had no idea what I was really getting into. I just assumed that, as with any town, I would be able to… Read More

We’re going wheels down….to New Mexico

Before summer even started we began dreaming of traveling to Colorado for the summer again. We didn’t know how we could survive another summer in Austin…in an RV…with THREE kids. There were several problems holding us back though:… Read More

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