Guadalupe Mountains Trip ON FIRE

Ok, there weren’t any literal fires on this trip, but the first 30+ hours weren’t the most delightful. To start, we haven’t been on any trips of significant length since Colorado of last summer, aside from a short… Read More

Clear Creek RV Park Review – Golden, Colorado

I have to say I’m almost hesitant to post this review because of how much we LOVED this park. Kristy and I both feel like we want to keep it a secret, but this place is just far… Read More

Review: Sugar Loafin’ Campgroud, Leadville, CO

   Sugar Loafin’ is a rustic little campground nestled in a meadow high in the mountains of Leadville. Interestingly, Caleb’s family stayed there on a family vacation 25 years ago. The log cabin style facilities definitely look at… Read More

Review: Dakota Ridge RV Park, Golden, CO

   We spent nearly three weeks at Dakota Ridge, which is situated on the south side of Golden, just off Highways 6 and 70. To tell you the truth, coming here was sort of a let down for… Read More

Review: KOA Estes Park, CO

   We spent the last week in July at the KOA in Estes Park, CO. This was a family vacation for us, meaning Caleb did not work, and it was so rejuvenating. We spent the bulk of our… Read More

Review: Pecan Grove RV Park

This past weekend we had the wonderful and exciting privilege of staying at Pecan Grove RV Park. This RV park is number one on our list of places we want to live long term, so we had to… Read More

Review: Royal Palms RV Park Austin, TX

Royal Palms was not our first choice for places to stay in Austin, but I am really glad we tried it out. We ended up renting here for almost a month before our trip to Colorado. We were… Read More

Review: Sunset RV Resort Austin, TX

   I’ve decided to start writing reviews of all the places we stay, since we will be moving a lot this summer. I want to remember the good places we want to visit again. Our first-ever stay was… Read More

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