Clear Creek RV Park

Clear Creek RV Park, Golden CO

I have to say I’m almost hesitant to post this review because of how much we LOVED this park. Kristy and I both feel like we want to keep it a secret, but this place is just far too good not to share. It is by far our favorite RV park we have stayed in. Nothing has come close!

The best part about Clear Creek RV in Golden is the location. It’s walking distance to downtown Golden, and there is a paved walking trail right next to the property. Where we stayed the gate leaving the park was literally 50 feet from our door. We frequently walked to town for coffee, groceries, church, or the farmer’s market, which was about a quarter mile down the walking path.

The management was also very nice, the laundry facility and bathrooms both very clean as well. It was also very quiet, and smoking is not allowed (as it’s considered a city park). Clear Creek also runs right next to the park as well, so if falling asleep to the sound of rushing water sounds appealing to you, this is your place!

I also liked the park for it’s proximity to trails. If I wanted to run up Lookout Mountain, all I had to do was run .10 miles to the trail head. Romp up Mt. Galbraith? Just jump on the paved city trail and run a mile the trail head. North and South Mesas were also in walking/running distance as well. There was no shortage of trials you could access without a short walk, or a very short drive.

Sunrise above Golden, CO

Sunrise on Golden, CO. Photo taken from Chimney Gulch Trail on Lookout Mountain.

Not only were there trails close by, and downtown within walking distance, but we were right next to a city park as well which was awesome for our kids. We frequented this park to let our kids roam on the playground while we just talked and enjoyed the mountain air.


  • 4 mile walking trail that goes around the City of Golden and connects to numerous other paved trails and off-road trails.
  • Right next to Clear Creek. The sound of rushing water is a a peaceful sound to fall asleep to, or enjoyable to dip your feet in after a long run.
  • Walking distance to downtown. We rarely had to drive our car while staying in this park.
  • Clean bathrooms and laundry facility.
  • The park was well kept and very clean as well.
  • Farmers Market on Saturday was just a short walk down the paved trail.
  • Views of Lookout Mountains, Windy Saddle Open Space, at Mt. Galbraith.
  • Just sitting by the creek watching kayakers and tubers can provide hours of entertainment.
  • Price! For being so close to town with easy access to trails this place was a steal. We only paid about $45 per night, which was much cheaper than the nearly $55 a night we paid at Dakota Ridge, which was in a much less desirable location.
  • Super friendly staff!


  • Maximum stay of 2 weeks during peak season.
  • We stayed in two different sites. Most of them had two places to hook up your sewer line, one low to the ground, and the other higher up for when it snows. The first site we stayed in only had the higher up outlet, so we had to go outside ever couple days and lift up the hose to drain it.
  • The park WiFi was hit or miss. Most of the time it was a miss, but there were times it was blazing fast.

Family photo in next to Clear Creek. We spent many afternoons and weekends here with our kids.