We are heading off to Colorado in 5 days. It feels unbelievable even typing that. People continually ask if I am excited. The answer is a mixture of yes and no. It’s obvious that I should be excited about mountains, cooler weather, adventures, etc, etc. And I am. But I am also feeling something else. This post will be about that. The flip-side of the adventure coin.

I’m a little worried about how to do my normal life on the road. You have to remember that, while this trip will be fun, it’s not necessarily a vacation for us. Caleb will be working normal hours and we will both be doing product demos on evenings and weekends. Caleb will likely be working away from the RV most days, leaving me home with the kids. I’m wondering how I will like being away from my zone of comfort: my grocery store, library, friends and family. I’m wondering if I will like pulling into a new campground every 10 days or so and having to figure it all out again. Am I going to be adventurous and make new friends, or I am just going to hole-up in my trailer and be bored out of my mind?

I’m also concerned about the driving part, and we will be doing a lot of it. The funny thing is, I’m not worried about our safety or how the kids will do. No, I’m worried that I will nag my husband to death, because here is the raw, honest truth… I can be a critical, control-freak. (Whew. There, I said it. Now you know one of my biggest besetting sins. And oh, how I pray for it to change!) For some reason being in the car is a HUGE trigger for this ugliness to come out. This whole trip will be one temptation after another. It’s a great opportunity to practice patience. Let’s just hope both of us come out alive, and married, come September.

Lastly, I’m worried about missing my people. I love my friends and family dearly. I am going to make it being away from my extended tribe for 11 weeks? Will things be the same when I get back? These are the questions that churn in the back of my mind and make me uneasy.

When people ask if I’m excited about Colorado, I my answer is yes, with a tinge of no. But there is no use worrying over the not-so-certain aspects of our journey, because I know that it will be as it will be. I once read that worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair, it will give you something to do but you won’t be going anywhere. And like it or not, I’m going places.