When a lot of people hear about somebody traveling and living in their RV full time, they often think, “wow you most have a lot of money!” Especially when they see young people doing it, which is becoming more and more common.

Well, I’m here to tell you I have yet to run into anybody our age our younger that is, “retired.” Every single person we know personally, or through the internet works from the road. They all have different jobs: some work remotely for a corporation, others run online businesses, and some even jump around from place to place finding work in each town.

We are different than a lot of full time RV families though. Since we own and run a packaged food company, Bearded Brothers, we have to spend a lot of our time in our home-base, Austin, TX. We end up travelling mostly in the summer months, when TX is hot and unbearable.

I would say we spend about 75-80% of your time parked here in Austin. While on one hand we have this huge desire to travel more, we have all the benefits of having a strong community of friends and family close by at all times.

When we do travel though, we LOVE it. There is less stress about being in the office at a certain time. The pressure of having to be certain places and please certain people is lifted. Life slows down a bit. When we are on the road we get a lot more quality time together, more time outdoors doing things we love, experiencing new things, and resting.

This doesn’t mean that the whole trip is a vacation. I’m still putting in normal work hours running the business. Work doesn’t stop just because we are on the road. We usually do plan “vacation weeks” during our extended times away from Austin. They are treated just like any other vacation. It’s known to my work team that I’m on vacation, and only reachable for emergencies, aside from the occasions we are so remote we don’t have cell reception…those are truly remarkable vacations!

So, if you have ever thought, I would like to RV full time, but there is no way I could do that: just know that YOU CAN. Most towns have RV parks somewhere nearby, some even have them right in town. You could always ease into your journey by living in the RV full time – stationary. Which is pretty much what we do aside from a few months of travel a year (on a good year). Having your home on wheels will give you the freedom to travel more and take impromptu weekend trips just for the heck of it. For your two weeks of vacation a year, you can just hook up your home and go wherever you want. Packing is much easier this way! 🙂

This option is great for somebody that might be chained to the desk and can’t work remote, and if this lifestyle truly fits you, you can always look for work that allows a more remote lifestyle. Or even start your own business that gives you the freedom you desire.

Bottom line is, you don’t have to be rich to live the full time RV life, and it doesn’t mean you have to be on the road constantly either. The life is what you make it. For us it was more about minimizing our consumption, and valuing experiences over possessions. The why might look different for you, but all you have to do is make the leap.

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