Changing the second blowout on our trip to Golden. This was only 5 minutes away from the RV park we stayed in.

Earlier this week we started our journey into full time travel. Even though we have been living in the RV for over three years now, it was only a few months out of the year we would actually travel, but this past Monday we officially kicked things off by traveling to Golden, CO where we will spend the next few weeks.

Our journey got off to rocky start. Our originally plan was to spend three days traveling to Golden, but the night before we were supposed to leave the power steering went out in the truck. We didn’t let it gets us down though, we had the truck towed to a shop close by, and waited until it got fixed, which as around noon on Monday.

As soon as the truck was finished we hit the road and drove as far as we could. We made it about 6 hours before stopping for the night, and completed the rest of the journey to Golden the next day, but it wasn’t without incident!

We had TWO tire blowouts on the way, and the second time we were only 5 minutes away from the RV park. Thankfully we had replaced the blown tire first chance we got. We knew from past experience that multiple blowouts can occur, and are not uncommon. I’m actually getting pretty good at changing RV tires. The second blowout I probably got changed in about 20 minutes.

Despite the rough start, we are super happy to be parked in Golden, CO for the next few weeks. The weather is amazing, and we are starting new routines. Kristy and I are both working our own businesses, so we now alternate mornings to work, and I keep the option open to work in the afternoon on days she works in the morning. This way, we always have some afternoon time free to do fun things, like hike and explore the city we are staying in.

The new rhythms are a welcomed change, but are also taking some getting used to. I’m learning to be more effective with my time through this process, as is Kristy. The kids also seem to be enjoying getting to spend more time with dad.

While, this is still completely new to us, we are keeping an open mind and being flexible for potential changes and adjustments to life. We are very excited about the new direction we are headed, and can’t wait to share the journey with you.

Looking down on Golden from the Chimney Gulch trail, which starts right outside the RV park!

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