Who DOESN’T like being alone??? Even I, a total extrovert, need regular time alone to be the best version of myself. I can literally feel it in my body when I need alone time. For me, it feels like being a caged tiger… I get restless and grouchy. These are my warning signs that some time alone is needed, before I claw someone’s eyes out!


So how do I get alone time when I share 300 square feet with 4 other humans?

Answer: I plan it… and protect it.


Seriously, alone time for Caleb and I (together and separate) is sacred. We both know that we cannot be the best spouse, parent, or boss without a daily and weekly recharge. For us, it’s one of those “big rocks” that we plan into our weeks… things we put FIRST, before all the minutiae of the week creeps in a fills in every possible moment.

Here’s what it looks like for us, practically: Every morning, we each go on a 30-minute solo walk around the RV park. This gets our bodies moving, blood pumping and minds focused to start the day with power and purpose. We stagger our walks so someone is home with our sleeping children.

The other thing we do is, one morning each week, one of us gets to leave before the kids get up and go on a solo hike. This hike is usually longer and obviously more beautiful and relaxing because it’s not 5AM in an RV park.

Now, please know that the mornings that I’m home with the kids while Caleb is off on his solo adventure can be hard. I HATE having to get breakfast ready, and everyone dressed and out the door on my own… But I do it with gladness because I know that 1) My turn will come and 2) He will return to us more invigorated and happier than when he left.

I’m not exaggerating here… This daily and weekly alone time has made the biggest difference in our life and marriage. If you are a full-time RVer and you do not have a regular dose of alone time each week, please take my advice and have a discussion with you spouse about how to make this a priority. Your brain and your family will thank you.

And if you are wondering what my exact routines are during my alone time, reach out to me! I love sharing ideas to help others fill their cups. Cheers!