Sometimes saying goodby is hard, but here it goes…..

Goodbye, Thistle, our thirty-foot rolling home.You’ve served us well for two years,

Bringing comfort wherever we roam.
Together we’ve seen seven states,

And many a mountain peak.

Through blazing heat and pouring rain,

You never sprang a leak.
In your shelter our family grew,

From a foursome to a party of five.

You helped us stay close and save money,

When we weren’t sure we could survive.
You’ve had your share of troubles:

Blow-outs, rot and pests.

But we choose to remember the good times,

And to heck with all the rest.
Thank you for being our teacher,

Patiently enduring while we learn

The rules of towing, backing-up,

And not hitting trees when you turn.
We hope the next family who owns you

Will be kinder to you than we.

Know you will always hold a place in our hearts

And a mark on my step-father’s tree.
Goodbye, Thistle, old friend.

You’ve been a most helpful abode.

Maybe we’ll see you again,

Down that long and winding road,


Stay tuned for posts about our brand new fifth wheel and why we decided to spring for a brand new rig (and finance it).