Our friends and family have been anxiously awaiting photos of he inside of our first RV. We were so excited and flustered during the sale that we forgot to snap any pictures. Kristy has spent the past week at the ranch with Skip and Lorilee, getting it all cleaned and prepped for some remodel work (more on that later). So, here are the “before” pictures:

Removing the old awning. Yuck!

Master bedroom. The previous owners left us a bunch of stuff, most of which we donated or posted to Craigslist.

Living area “entertainment center.” We plan on ditching the TV and making better use of this area.


Living area. There is so much I want to change in here, but we will have to see what the budget allows. So far, we know the couches and dinette will be recovered and valences changed.  I would love to change the flooring throughout, but for now we will steam clean the carpet and hope for the best.

I’m glad you can’t smell this couch right now!

Kitchen area. The previous owners were very clean. Not much has to be changed in here, though I would love to paint the cabinets. But that is certainly out of our budget presently, and they are not in bad shape.

Our tiny bathroom.

Another view of the bathroom. I’m thrilled that it has a tub so we can bathe the kids!

Speaking of the kids… Here is their room! We plan on taking out one bottom bunk to give them some floor space for play.  Oh, and there are a few of these weird carpeted storage boxes in both bedrooms. I don’t know what to do with those. All I know is that stinky carpet is not staying!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little tour! We’ve already begun the remodeling, so check back soon to see our progress.