This is our final week working on the RV. We are scheduled to move into it next Friday, God willing. Things are finally starting to look up as our major repairs are drawing to a close. Hallelujah!

 Here is our progress in the master bedroom:


Ta-dah! Our master bedroom has been transformed! The damask print is a plush headboard. The cabinets above will now have wicker baskets to increase storage. 

Here is our progress in the living area:


We replaced the subfloor with new plywood and will be laying new vinyl today! You can also see that I replaced the border and recovered the valences. It’s looking great!

Here is our progress in the kids room:


We removed a bunk to make a play area for the kids. The curtains are up as well as a special own door knob on their closet.

With only 5 days until move-in, we still have much to accomplish. But, as you can see, we are getting there!