We’ve only been living in Colorado for a week, but I’m already feeling lonely. How do people who travel full time do it? Caleb has been away a lot, between training for his ultra-marathons, working and doing product demonstrations for Bearded Brothers. I knew he would be busy, but I guess I thought it would be the normal kind of busy that we are used to. I guess the difference is that I am totally NOT busy… with anything. 

Well, of course there’s the kids. Yes, I am totally busy keeping them alive and well. The kids and I have filled each day with plenty of adventures like swimming in the creek, taking walks on the trail and going to the playground. I was kinda hoping that I would meet some other moms with kids here in the RV park, but here’s what I found out:  Everyone is on family vacation (keyword: FAMILY). They are out here trying to have some family bonding, not make friends with that overly-talkative stranger (me). 

Oh well! I’ve also been trying to chat with some moms at the playground to see if I can make friends with the “locals.” Oh golly. I just read that last line back to myself. I sound like a desperate mom-loser. 

Moving right along… I have been filling my time with reading, writing and staring into space. All things I love to do but had little time for in my old life. So that’s one nice thing about being lonely! I’m also trying to make an effort to pray more during these lulls and see them as opportunities to draw closer to God. 

Anyway, don’t feel sorry for me. I’m a resourceful, adventurous gal who makes friends easily. I’m sure I will make my way down from lonely mountain in due time.