I have moved three times this week. Before you feel too sorry for me, remember my home is on wheels. But still, wheels or not, that’s a lot of relocating.


Our first pull thru site at Royal Palms that just happned to be on blacktop that made the inside of the trailer very hot.


We started last week moving from Sunset RV Resort to Royal Palms. When we got here, we had a temporary pull-through site for two nights. Then we moved to a “standard” monthly rental, which was a back-in site that was incredibly narrow. How narrow, you ask? Let’s just say that our slide out literally touched our neighbors truck.


Our second spot was a bit nicer but extremely narrow, close to other RV’s and about 10ft from the service road.


The problems with that spot were many:  super-close to the highway, way too close to the neighbors and only room to park one car. This last one was the deal breaker and why we just moved again last night. Royal Palms is super strict on their parking and does not permit street parking at night. So we were parking about a quarter mile away, on a sketchy side street, which we were informed was known for having a lot of break ins.

When we went into the office yesterday afternoon to talk to them about our situation they offered us a “premium” spot. Oh la la! It’s basically the pad site for a mobile home. Its much bigger and has a two-car drive way. Yippee!

Hopefully this will be our finally move until we leave for Colorado in three weeks. On a bright note, Caleb is getting really good at backing in our trailer. This week he has had more than his share of practice!


The third site was just right! We are nestled between two mobile homes with some tree cover, there is more room for the kids to play, we have two parking spots, and way less road noise.