Today we went to our local nursery and bought up a bunch of plants to adorn our front porch. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but had been dragging my feet because I wasn’t sure when we’d be traveling again. And who wants to lug around a dozen potted plants for months of travel?

Okay, so the day has finally come. We have swallowed the harsh reality that we will not be traveling, anymore this year. Sigh.

It’s a hard pill to swallow because we live in an RV for crying out loud… Travel is the whole point, right? Well, for us, it’s part of the point. We also choose to live in an RV because we love the closeness, the amount of time it forces us to spend outdoors and the money it saves us. And it’s mainly for this last reason that we are putting the wheel covers on for a while.

Staying put will not only save on fuel costs and park fees, but it will also keep Caleb in the office, where he can most effectively grow our family business. He has set some pretty lofty goals for the business in 2016 and he has been working diligently to bring them about.

Staying put is not a total bummer though. We have gotten to know many of our neighbors in the RV park and look forward to deepening those friendships. We are going to have a baby soon! And of course, there’s the flowers. I get the joy of tending my own little container garden, something I’ve always wanted. I guess choosing roots over wheels isn’t such a bad thing after all.