Abby splashes in the rain.

 We leave for Colorado two weeks from today and I am SO ready. I am hating the weather here in Austin. It has been constant rain and humidity. I’m ready for some mountain weather. Give me some cool mornings and arid afternoons… And give me a hat, please, because my hair is turning into a giant frizz-ball.

The mosquitoes have been really bad here too. You can see me on my porch right now, surrounded by citronella candles with a fan blowing warm, moist air in my face. You’re jealous, I know. The worst part is that the rain has kept us indoors a lot lately. But it hasn’t been all bad. We have had lots of fun letting the kids splash in puddles and play in the rain. The awning is great for sitting dry while the kids get soaked. They love it!

Unfortunately, the rain has kept us from hanging out with our neighbors. Sitting on the porch is the RVer’s signal for “come hang out,” but nobody is really doing that during bad weather. We have made a few friends during our stay and we’d love to spend more time with the before we head out.

In other rain-related news, Thistle has held up to some pretty serious storms, which means all our repairs worked! I will admit that I have been having nightmares about waking up to water streaming through the roof, but so far those are just bad dreams. Even through thunderstorms, Thistle stays high and dry. Praise the LORD!

While I’m thankful for the rain, I’m ready to dry out up in the mountains. It can’t come soon enough!