When people find out our family of four (including two toddlers) lives in a 30 foot travel trailer, most say, “I could never do that” or “I would love to do that… When my kids are grown.” Let me tell you that I had the same thoughts when we first started thinking about full time RVing. Now that we have been doing it for a month or so, I can say it’s actually easier than you think. Here are a couple of things that have made this lifestyle doable for us. 

Kids are more flexible than adults. I have found that our little ones have adjusted so quickly to the RV lifestyle. After all, home for them is wherever mom and dad are, right? Ofcourse, we all were stressed during the crazy week we moved out of the apartment and into the RV, but the kids bounced back quickly and Abby was calling Thistle “home” within a week. 

Another of my concerns was how the kids would adjust to sleeping in the smaller space when they were used to having their own, quiet room. One way we mitigated this was to look only at RVs that had a split bedroom set-up with a bunk room. This has been a major plus for us and really helped the kids feel like they have their own space. 

Kids will also get used to noise. I am still shocked at how quickly our kids adjusted to the everyday RV noises. They go to bed around 7pm and we stay up until 10pm most nights. Nowadays they are hardly bothered by us bumping around, doing dishes, talking and walking in and out the front door. Even the morning hours have gotten better. Caleb and I like to wake up early. At first, this bothered the kids, but now they have learned to sleep right on through until their normal wake-up time. It’s wonderful! 

I hope this post encourages those of you with little ones. My kids and I are not super-human. It did take us some time to adjust to this new lifestyle and find our groove. But I want you to hear that it is not only doable, it’s easier than you think!