Only a few more nights living in Thistle….then we move into our new RV!

We have now been living in our 30’ Four Winds RV for over two years. Thistle, as we like to call our home, was our first home on wheels, and we are about to get a HUGE upgrade.

We have been longing for a new RV ever since our first RV show in spring of 2016. But the $56k sticker prices made our dream seem impossible. Our dream RV has 4 slide outs, two bathrooms, and a residential sized bathtub (high on the “must have list” for Kristy).

The dream of upgraded RV status is about to become a reality though. After two frustrating years of constant repairs on Thistle, we decided to start looking at RV’s again just to see what was out there.

One of the most important search parameters we were basing off of, was that we needed something our current Ford F-250 Diesel could tow. The search turned up an awesome Fifth Wheel RV that is very similar to our “dream RV” but just a few steps down.

We figured that the step up in space, but not such a huge jump would be worth it for us. The new rig can be towed with our current truck, and is only 35’ long as compared to 40’ long, which makes maneuvering the rig around much easier, and has a sticker price of $35k. The rig is the Crossroads Volante!

The new rig only has two slides, it doesn’t have a residential tub, or an extra bathroom, but it does give us more room, extra storage, and fewer headaches when it comes to repairs (as this rig is brand new). We get a lot of the upgrades we wanted in our “dream RV” without paying an astronomical price…. and our family gains a bit of sanity from gaining a bit of extra living space.

Below is a list of our favorite upgrades we get with purchasing this new rig:

  • Enough space in the master bedroom area to standup and change clothes (this was a big must have in a new rig)
  • Lots of extra space in the kids room for them to have space to play
  • Roomier bathroom, now with enough space to change clothes
  • A stereo system with indoor and outdoor speakers, that is also Bluetooth capable…no more dinky portable speaker
  • An outside kitchen. This will get lots of use during the hot Texas summers (that is if we even stick around for them)
  • 8 cubic foot fridge (upgraded from 6) and we also have the outside fridge to use as well.
  • Remote control for the slide outs and awning. This wasn’t something I was ever even looking for, but it will be nice to be able to put the slides out while I watch them without having to get Kristy to do it for me.

And a few things we wanted, but didn’t get:

  • A washer and dryer
  • Residential bathtub
  • An extra slide in the kitchen
  • A kitchen island
  • Extra seating in the living area

We never anticipated purchasing a rig so soon, but when we factored in all the repairs we have made, we thought we would rather put that towards a payment on a new rig. We should be picking up the new RV later this week. I will be sure to post pics once we get it, and will do another post about modifications we made.