ParkedRigWe had been talking about living in an RV on and off for about two years, but it wasn’t until about March of this year we finally decided to pull the trigger and pursue the adventure of mobile living. The time to put in our 30 days notice at our apartment complex was fast approaching, so we had a very small time window, to find an RV, a hauling truck, and an RV park to live in.

The entire process has been very exciting, and an emotional roller coaster at the same time. But all of that is behind us now. Nearly all the repairs we have needed to make to the RV have been complete, and most of the remaining repairs might be able to be done on-site at the RV park.

With all the woes of RV repair behind us, we have been able to start focusing on just living life in our new home. We have now spent two nights in the RV, we have eaten dinner outside with the entire family, and Kristy and I have wound down our evenings sitting outside and watching the moon come out. The kids and Kristy have even gotten some additional outside time walking around the RV park, here in the Hill Country.

As far as living in a tiny space… it hasn’t bothered me one bit so far. I feel like I have everything I need, and within a few steps or arms reach in some cases. Our bedroom is separated from where the kids sleep, and we have a door as well, so we both feel like we are in our own little cave, and can wind down our evenings just the same as we always have.


The kids have been enjoying the RV life too. Joshua has been completely un-phased by the entire transition, and thought Abby has been a bit emotional, it’s clear she enjoys the RV. While running errands yesterday she began begging us to return to the RV. She has even learned our loving name for the RV, “Thistle.”

So far, about the only thing I have missed is having ice! I’m a huge fan of cold brewed iced coffee as my morning beverage of choice. Until I find a solution for that, I will just have to settle for, “cold brew.” Aside from that, I haven’t found anything that I really miss from living in an apartment mansion. I thought that the shower might be less than enjoyable, but have found after a couple showers now that the tiny hot water heater in the rig provides ample hot water for an enjoyable shower.

I’m sure there will be a lot of other things we have to get used to, like cooking on a smaller stove, and not having a garbage disposal. But, giving up all that so my family and I can live with more freedom is well worth it. Rent in these RV parks is about half of what we paid in our previous apartment, and the Internet is included here, so overall expenses have dropped significantly.

We currently have our home parked in a secluded RV park on Hamilton Pool road, just outside of Bee Caves. We don’t know where we will be next, but we are hoping to check out an RV park on the East Side of Austin, and based on which one we like best, that will determine where we make our, “permanent” home.

We are still planning on spending our summer in Colorado as well, and eventually ending up in Utah so I can run the Wasatch 100. During that time we will spend some time vacationing, but I will also be working hard promoting Bearded Brothers in the Colorado Whole Foods stores, as well as Utah.

This exciting journey has just begun, but we are loving it so far, and look forward to sharing more about our adventures with you.

– Caleb