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I’ve been fantasizing about RVing for almost 2 years and finally my dream has come true! Is it anything like I hoped and dreamed? Well, let’s find out. Here are the top five things I think I’m going to love about the full time RV lifestyle. I plan on checking back in a few months to see if it’s really what I thought it would be.

I think I’m gonna love:

#5 Meeting new people. I’ve heard that the RVing community is very friendly. I look forward to making friends with my RV neighbors, preferably around a fire pit. I love hearing about other people’s lives, so I’m hoping to get some good stories and soak up some older-folk wisdom. Let’s face it, most full timers are retired!

#4 More adventures. This lifestyle should free us up for more adventures. Not only will we find ourselves in some cool locations, but with less stuff to maintain and fewer bills to pay, we should have more time and money for experiences.

#3 Less to clean. Less space + less stuff = more time and energy! I love that I will only have 240 square feet to keep clean. I can hardly keep from smiling as I’m thinking about it!

#2 Outdoor time. I’m hoping that our small space will force us to spend more time outdoors. I want the kids to have plenty of outside time each day, which is tough when you have a spacious, comfy home and lots of chores to do. I think it will be easier to step outside when I’m living in a glorified tin can.

#1 Family closeness. (Aw, how precious… ) But seriously, I do treasure the time I spend with my husband and children. I am hopeful that all the things I listed above will culminate in more memories made and time spent together.