happy camper 
So, we are on day four of our RV living adventure and I keep wanting to make a list of things I’m going to miss from the sticks-and-bricks life. The main reason I want to write it down is to see what I “think” I will miss and look back at it a few months in and see if I actually do really miss them. It’s more of an exercise really, but I figured I would invite you along.

Here are the top five things I’m going to miss while living in the RV:

#5 The dishwasher. I’ve always had one. The thought of hand washing each and every dish is a little frightening to me. Especially since I found it hard to do the dishes when I had a dishwasher to do them for me. 

#4 Space. Specifically, space for everything to have a place. I don’t think I’ll mind the square footage , but more the feeling of clutter or not knowing where things are. 

#3 The washing machine. I’m blessed to be staying at a park right now that has a nice laundry facility. But it’s still a pain to lug my clothes and my kids over there. Plus, at $3.25 per load for wash and dry, it ain’t cheap!

#2 Routine. For the next four months or so we will be moving our home around a lot. I’m worried that it will be hard to keep up my beloved routines when the scenery keeps changing.

#1 Baths. This was almost the deal breaker for moving into an RV in the first place. I LOVE taking baths. The tub in our rig is about the size of a large Rubbermaid container. Fine for bathing the kids, but not so much for me. 

I’ll let you know in a month or so how this all pans out. Maybe I’ll find some new things to miss! Anyway, because I’m a dogged optimist, my next post will be on the top five things I’m gonna love about RV’ing. I can’t help it. I’m a happy camper šŸ™‚