We had an awesome family day today. We finally walked the entire Clear Creek Trail that goes right through downtown Golden. It’s a four mile loop that is quite beautiful. I tried to walk it by myself the other day when Caleb gave me some alone time sans kids, but there are several unmarked turns and I quickly got confused and decided to turn back before getting lost. Caleb has actually run the trail before, so this time we knew where to go.

Abby rode her bike for a good portion of the trail. It’s all paved and wide enough for bikes and pedestrians. Of course she loves coasting down the hills with a GIANT grin on her face, making everyone who passes her smile. She also insisted on carrying her purse on the handlebar. How did I make such a girly girl?

There are so many diverse and beautiful places on the trail. Like I said, it goes right through downtown, which is gorgeous, but it also takes you out into some more remote areas. I love all the flowers that are blooming here in Golden because of all the rain. There are wild orchids growing everywhere along the trail! This place is like a mountain rainforest!

We also passed some pretty cool parks along the way. We saw this one and just HAD to stop and play. It had a large boulder to climb and a crazy playground that looked like an accident waiting to happen. Of course our kids loved playing here and had to practically be pulled away when it was time to go.

This day was just what I needed to reconnect with Caleb and feel refreshed after a long week. There is just something about being in the mountains that is good for your soul. I am ever so thankful for these sweet moments to spend together as a family. In two days we will head northwest of here to Estes Park to spend a whole week vacationing! I couldn’t be more excited.