We are in new territory here in the Simpson Circus… This is the first month of living life on the road AND sharing home and work responsibilities. As you may have heard, within the last 8 months we have both started businesses that we can work from the road. It sounds amazing, right? And it is… But it also has some challenges, like how to split our time between work and home life.

Before we started this grand adventure, our roles were pretty well defined. Caleb went to work everyday and I took care of the home and kids. But when my side-hustle started really taking off, we knew we would be stupid not to devote more time to it. So, we agreed to allow a few hours on Saturday morning for “mommy work time.” Fast-forward a few months and now we split our time evenly… Caleb works Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I work Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. When we are not working, we are sharing household chores and homeschooling the kids. It’s a great set-up, but we are still working out the kinks.

And I am trying to give myself GRACE… Permission to not have it all figured out and space to try new rhythms and see what sticks. You might not know this about me, but I am a recovering perfectionist. I want things to go according to MY plan, every time, without fail. Of course, this is not congruent with having 3 preschoolers (You mamas of littles know EXACTLY what I mean).

So, for right now, balance looks like taking time for myself every morning before the kids get up to drink my coffee and spend a few precious minutes in prayer. It also looks like being present in whatever moment I am in… If I am playing trucks in the dirt with my 2-year-old, being right there, not mentally writing the to-do list for tomorrow. Balance looks like using my “work” hours to the fullest, and not dawdling.

I am still struggling with getting back to some of the routines I cherish, like my morning walk. But I am giving myself grace there too. I know so well from experience that for everything there is a season… And this is my season of figuring stuff out. It won’t be perfect. It probably will never be perfectly “balanced,” but I am doing my best and trusting God with the rest.