One of the questions we get asked most by other families is, “where do your kids sleep?” Well, as most kids do, they sleep in their room! Yup, that’s right, they have their own room. A lot of RV floor plans have what is called a bunkhouse. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a room in the back of the RV with bunk beds.

Our first RV did not have a slide out in the room so it was just two beds on each side of the room. However, we removed one of the beds to create more floor space for the kids to play, and when our newest son was little, it is where we put his Pack N Play. Removing the bunk bed was pretty easy, and putting up faux wood paneling over the external storage compartment was also a cinch.

Kids bunk room with bottom bunk removed to allow for room to play. This was the setup in our older RV, Thistle.

Now that Nathan is a little bit older, he sleeps on the top bunk in a PeaPod Tent. (Amazon Affiliate Link) All of our kids slept in one of these when they were younger. This method of sleeping our children actually started with our oldest, Abigail, when we still lived in an apartment. She would always get out of her bed at night, even after receiving discipline numerous times. Ever since then, all the kids have had a season of tent sleeping in the bed.

Our new RV has a slide out in the bunk room with four sleeping positions, but one of them we converted to extra storage, which you can see in the pic below. Below the storage bins is a hideaway bed that slides out. Josh, our middle child, sometimes sleeps here, but mostly (due to being rowdy and keeping the other kids awake) he will sleep in the living room on the couch.

The bunk room in our new RV has plenty of storage and places for the kids to sleep. Underneath the cubbies is a slide out bed.

Abby sleeps in the left top bunk that has ladder access, and Nathan sleeps in the other top bunk inside his Pea Pod Tent with a side rail protecting him from falling out. These portable side rails can be purchased on Amazon (Affiliate Link).

The kids are pretty well adapted to things going on around them too. We were a bit worried about how they would handle it when we first started living in the RV full time, but they adapted quickly and the sounds of us doing our nightly cleaning never bothered them. Because of the close quarters in our old RV, we spent a lot of our time outside once nightly clean-up was done. However, in the new RV we have more space in our bedroom area, so we do our wind-down time with some privacy and a closed door (not that paper thin RV doors do much for blocking sound).

The sleeping arrangements were only somewhat of a concern when we first started this journey, but now that we have been doing this for a few years we realize it’s not a big deal at all. Kids are very adaptable, as are we!