Thistle, parked at Midtown RV Park in Austin. We love this location.

For anybody that had been following our site, you may remember our last post was about expecting our third child. Well, a LOT has happned since then.

Baby Nathan is now eight months old, and surgical measures have been taken to ensure our family stays a family of five! Life has been pretty crazy since the birth of Nathan. Obviously…we haven’t posted here at all in nearly a year.

Things are finally starting to get back into a decent routine. Even though Nathan isn’t sleeping through the night yet, we are getting longer stretches, which makes life much easier.  Life is much harder when you lack sleep, and have no motivation to start your mornings early because you are up two or three times a night.

We even have plans to travel again this summer. It won’t be a long 3-4 month trip like we started this adventure with, but we are sure to get away for 4-6 weeks. I have signed up for my second-ever 100-mile Ultramarathon. This one is in Virginia. I have never been to the east coast before, so I’m looking forward to experiencing mountains east of the Rockies.

The race is the Grindstone 100, and is in early October. Idealy I wanted to run a September race in Colorado, but my work schedule dictated a need for something later in the year. The only major down side to this is I will have to do most of my training in the Texas heat, but that will also better prepare me for the humid conditions of the eastern mountains.

We are still snugly tucked into our lot in East Austin. I keep giving Kristy a hard time because she insists on creating a sense of permanency here by purchasing large plants that grace our patio. The best part of living here in East Austin though is the proximity to Downtown, and recreational spots like Town Lake, The Greenbelt, and Secret Beach.

Dad, hiking with baby Nathan on The Greenbelt (this of course was towards the end of the hike)

The simplicity (though cluttered and frustrating at times) that RV living brings is something we have grown to love. I honestly get stressed and overwhelmed when visiting friends with large houses. My mind races with how hard upkeep would be; mowing lawns, cleaning garages, and sweeping expansive floors, just to name a few time consuming tasks I would have to deal with if I owned a home. That is not to say we will never own a home, but we really do love this lifestyle.

Though we might not travel as much as some full time RV families, we look forward to the day my business provides more freedom to travel more. But for the time being we will enjoy the couple months out of the year we do get to travel, and the few weekend trips we take for my trail running adventures (such as our Guadalupe Mountains trip last year).