I typically try to look on the bright side, but there is no real way to sugar coat it:  This has been the worst birthday I’ve ever had. Im sick, tired and in the middle of packing up/throwing out everything I own. Oh, and we are having another major issue with the RV that kept us from actually moving in today. Sigh. 

On the bright side (I can’t resist), God worked a miracle for me today. Caleb’s wonderful parents and my sweet neighbor, Pennie, helped us all day long. I could not have packed up this apartment without them. Not with two sick kids and being sick as a dog myself. Oh, what gift they were!

Caleb’s dad was the one who found the problem with our sewer cap. The notches that hold the sewer line and cap onto the waste water tank have been broken off. We didn’t find out until we got it parked yesterday that it is basically unusable. Meaning:  We cannot use the water or toilet in our RV until we get it fixed. Caleb’s dad rigged it so we can move in tomorrow, but we will have to find a long term repair solution soon. 

Who doesn’t love talking about sewage all day on your birthday?

Well, on another bright note (there I go again), I spent some time with my neighbors this evening and it was so bittersweet. We have lived here for 3 years and have made many friendships with our neighbors, most of whom are Hispanic. I have so enjoyed practicing Spanish with them, mostly laughing through my broken attempts. In many ways they treat me like family and I am really going to miss that. 

I guess that is another reason why this birthday has been so hard. I have spent so much time and energy focused on getting the RV ready that I haven’t really paused to reflect on the fact that I’m moving. Moving… Away from the community I love and into the unknown. Yes, there will be adventure. Yes, there will be fun and new friends. But there is something to mourn here, this place and the people I love. 

There will be no candles or parties tonight, but maybe that’s okay. Maybe silence is just what I need to feel the weight of the moment, and then step fresh into the adventure that awaits tomorrow.